Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The emBorgment of Liturgy

~by Father Philip, OP at Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!.
While doing a bit of research on Simone Weil and the Eucharist, I ran across this fascinating article on the Real Presence. Here's an excerpt that I was very surprised to read:
Should the postconciliar liturgy be blamed for this decline in traditional belief about Real Presence? The answer may well depend on how one responds to the first point: Are the reformed rites able to "bear the weight of mystery"--or not? Some years ago Aidan Kavanagh warned against an encroaching embourgeoisement of the liturgy, the signs of which are visible everywhere--in the "ministerializing" of the middle-class laity, in the celebration of politically correct values (meeting, joining, speaking out, creating community), in the creation of churches that look like shopping malls. Under such conditions, Kavanagh commented, "the liturgy becomes perceived by many as less an obedient standing in the alarming presence of the living God in Christ than a tiresome dialectical effort at raising the consciousness of middle-class groups concerning ideologically approved ends and means" ("Liturgical Inculturation: Looking to the Future," Studia Liturgica, 20:1 [1990]. Similar fears were voiced by the late Mark Searle, whose research led him to conclude that Roman Catholic worship is in danger of becoming a casualty of cultural assimilation[...]
Read the whole thing. And don't miss the picture that Father Philip posted.

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