Saturday, August 18, 2007

Effects of caffeine and negative reactions to Summorum Pontificum

~It's really not a good idea to read these aggravatingly hostile reactions when one has consumed large amounts of caffeine. One might as well chew on coffee beans. What is it...morbid fascination? I love the irony of those espousing tolerance yet cannot allow that anyone might find any spiritual nourishment from the Classical Rite, let alone allow that people who didn't grow up with the Classical Rite could be attracted to its splendor. Says one priest in a parish bulletin, in essence no, and H-E-doublesticks no:
When Pope Benedict gave permission to the bishops and priests to celebrate the Tridentine Mass, he did so thinking that he was reaching out to a group of people who had formally broken away from the Church because of many things....This is the ritual we celebrated Mass by before the ritual of the Vatican Council. The Mass was celebrated facing the wall. It was celebrated in Latin. It had many other properties, such as women could not take a meaningful role in the liturgy. Communion could only be received on the tong, [sic] etc. My reasons for refusing to allow this ritual to be celebrated here are many...I have other problems with the issue of allowing the Tridentine Mass. Celebrating Mass in Latin is not the problem. The Tridentine Mass, however, reflects an ecclesiology, a view of the Church, that is no longer the official ecclesiology of the Church.
[Dear Father, do read Summorum Pontificum again...especially this part (Art 5.1] "let the pastor willingly accede to their requests for the celebration according to the rite of the Roman Missal published in 1962." And in the Pope's letter there is this: "it has clearly been demonstrated that young persons too have discovered this liturgical form, felt its attraction and found in it a form of encounter with the Mystery of the most Holy Eucharist, particularly suited to them." And this admonition: "Let us generously open our hearts and make room for everything that the faith itself allows." What are you afraid of, Father? Oh, and the thing about the outmoded ecclesiology...which Vatican II document said that exactly? I want chapter and verse, please.]

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