Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dies Haec Natalis

~Stealing this shamelessly from Quantitative Metathesis who was Fosterized this summer.

Felix esto mihi,
mihi felix esto,
felix mihi, Argent!

It's great to have a dies natalis on the Queenship of Mary.


Quantitative Metathesis said...

*joins in singing*
Felix esto tibi,
tibi felix esto,
esto dies haec natalis
felix tibi, Argent!

Hurray, August birthdays! Have a good one!

Argent said...

Thank you for letting me lift this from you! August birthdays can be fiery hot!

Quantitative Metathesis said...

Or freezing cold, if you live in Bellingham this year. I've had to break out my winter clothes this August!

Don Marco, O.Cist. said...

Happy, happy birthday!

DimBulb said...

Fortunately for you, the sound you didn't hear was me singing happy birthday (and it wouldn't sound better in Latin).