Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chabanel Psalm Project

~What Psalm did you sing in your parish this past Sunday? It didn't happen to be this one, did it? It's David Haas' (ssssssssss!), um, how to call it, 'composition', and our chanteuse sang it with all the bathos you can possibly imagine. My eyeballs strained hard from rolling too much. (As an aside, I have been noticing that microphones have been multiplying in the quire, why there's one for every person in the choir! Mirabile dictu!) Each member sang into his or her mic with so much emotion, I thought I was was watching a Broadway show (note the operative word, "watch"). People came up to me afterwards asking why the choir skips the Psalm. (See what happens when one goes on Sabbatical.) Sancta Cecilia, ora pro nobis.

Anyway, if you would like a source for your parish to use, here is Jeff Ostrowski's marvelous gift to the Church, The Chabanel Psalm Project. He has taken the three-year cycle in the Ordinary Rite and set the psalms with a keen ear to our Gregorian chant heritage. There are scores for the organ and the cantor. The website itself is beautifully designed. The material offered there is free. Please, I beg you, get involved with your parish's liturgy or music committee and bring this wonderful resource to light. It's free! It's really good! And it adheres to our beautiful patrimony. I won't tell you what Chabanel means, you'll have to read the Introductory Material. Here's Year C.


The Epiphany Artist said...

I am bad I don't remember but the music doesn't sound like it... we didn't have a choir - it was a piano /organ and a soloist/leader it usually is a psalm though

Anonymous said...

*makes mental note to deliver Chabanel Psalm Project personally to music director*

This is amazing! Thanks for the tip! Now say a prayer for me as I take on the Pacific Northwesterners.