Friday, August 24, 2007

Catholics teach NFP to Muslims

~from UPI viaReligion and Spirituality
A group of lay Catholics are promoting natural family planning methods among the Philippine Muslim community to control the rising population without going against the beliefs held by the two religions. The group began its campaign in Maguindanao, southern Mindanao province, where the percentage of Muslims reaches 90 percent.

From there, the group hopes to carry its work to the rest of the country to tackle the problem of birth control without relying on artificial methods, AsiaNews reported Thursday.

The well known and much appreciated method, known as the "Billings ovulation method," is based on analysis of the female ovulation cycle to determine fertile periods.

The project is lead by Catholic sister Mary Catherine Sumapal, who told AsiaNews, "It is quite normal in this part of the world to see girls as young as 13 who are married. This results in them having a child almost every year, which is hard to bear. Now thanks to natural family planning, we can hope to avoid the more common problems linked to pregnancy."

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The Epiphany Artist said...

Hmmmm I dont think a muslim woman can say no to there husbands -- "not the right time".... I hope they are teaching the men too...