Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Vatican reiterates hardline on primacy of Catholic Church

~from AFP via The Philippine Star

The Vatican set itself on a collision course with other Christian faiths Tuesday, reaffirming the primacy of the Roman Catholic Church in a corrective document designed to clear up recent "erroneous" doctrine.

The document's central claim that the Catholic Church is "the one true Church of Christ", is likely to revive a debate which has dogged the Vatican's dealings with other Christian faiths for decades.

Other Christian faiths "lack elements considered essential to the Catholic Church," it said.

The 16-page text -- released by the Vatican's doctrinal watchdog the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and ratified by the pope -- "constitutes a clear reaffirmation of Catholic doctrine on the Church," according to an attached commentary.

Basically a restatement of bedrock Vatican doctrine, its release was prompted "because some contemporary theological research has been erroneous or ambiguous," the commentary said.

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