Saturday, July 07, 2007

Towards the Motu Proprio

~From Agenzia Fides via Rorate Cæli
A recent text by Nicola Bux and Adriano Garuti bears the title, “Peter loves and unites. The personal responsibility of the Bishop of Rome for the universal Church”. It is precisely from this point of view that the Motu proprio to be shortly made public must be read: a free and sovereign act of a Pontiff who, by right and by the Church's faith in the primacy of Peter, has a personal responsibility which cannot be delegated to others, in the guidance of the universal Church.

Accepting the exercise of this responsibility is an integral part of the acceptance of faith due to the dogma of the primacy of Peter and in this sense calls all Catholics to love, to pray for and to obey the one who is called to be Bishop of Rome, the universal Shepherd of Church.

The Motu proprio should be welcomed by all since it is not a restrictive measure, but rather an 'extension' of options, in keeping with the now familiar Ratzinger line to "extend reason".
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