Saturday, July 07, 2007

Six stages of dissenting from the Motu Proprio

~from Fr. Philip N. Powell, O.P. (hat tip to Gerald)
Most of you can guess the reaction of those who have eagerly awaiting for this moment since the N.O. was approved in 1970. And though I bet most of you can bet what the reaction of the Permanent Liturgical Revolution Cadre (PLRC)* will be, I bet you can't guess the details of how the central committee members of the PLRC will work to undermine the motu proprio...

The PLRC will proceed in stages once the M.P. is released:

Stage One: Official PLRC spokesmodels will immediately attempt to frame the M.P. in the liberal/conservative terms (i.e., good vs. evil) that came to characterize the workings of the Second Vatican Council.

Stage Two: Official PLRC spokesmodels will start buzzing about a modernist theological invention called "reception." You will hear one talking head after another insisting that church documents--especially those that they disagree with--need "time to be received by the faithful."

Stage Three: PLRC mouthpieces will yammer on about the M.P.'s "level of authority." Example, "where exactly does this particular motu proprio 'fit' in the hierarchy of authorized teachings?"
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