Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Oh, what joy to behold

...within the letterbox, the latest copy
of tidings warm and fuzzy
from Pastoral Musicians
sharing its national mission.

Perusing its Table of Contents
What wisdom to ferment
In minds of hapless parish choristers
let us now administer.

Lo: "We Need Contemporary, Humanly
Attractive Songs for the Liturgy"
And: "Gather Us In:
Songs About the Assembly."

And if that weren't enough,
Still this nugget: "We Are What We Sing:
Sing, But Keep Going"
And don't forget:
"The Faith We Sing"

And coming at the end
We see there is a nod
To something called tradition
"Origins of the Latin Liturgical Hymn"

So happily I settle into
My comfy reading chair
And place my sardonic lenses on
And ponder liturgy's disrepair.

A paean upon receiving the latest issue of Pastoral Music


DimBulb said...

A paean for the peons of the spirit of Vatican II!

Argent said...

LOL, Dim!

I might post snippets for your edification.

frival said...

That was a hoot! I needed that this morning too... Thanks!