Sunday, July 29, 2007

Laudate pueri Dominum

Christ Blessing the Children by Nicolaes Maes, 1652-3

Listen to Vivaldi's Laudate pueri Dominum, allegro movement by La Serenissima


trejos-comics said...

fantastico!! EXCELENTE!!!

DimBulb said...

I didn't care for it. Of course, my idea of a classic is 70's Springsteen and the stuff my dad used to listen to on his ancient 8-track.

Seriously, a few years ago someone gave me an audio cassette called SCHROEDER'S GREATEST HITS and I loved it. Schroeder is of course the famous pianist whose aversion to Lucy's love was immortalized in a series of stories...urr, cartoons by Charles Schultz:). It contains among other tunes: Beethoven's FUR ELISE (which I really like); Mozart's SONATA IN C:I-ALLEGRO (I'm not sure what that means); and, also, one of my favorites, LINUS AND LUCY by Guaraldi (which I'm guessing isn't the original title of the tune). If anyone is interested:

I really love Handel's MESSIAH, especially the overture; probably because it, unlike the rest of the work, has no singing. I prefer instrumental classics, probably because I have a hard time understanding the lyrics of most classic pieces.

Argent, I came across some online music you might be interested in listening to as I was searching for stuff for my BOOKWORM site. I haven't linked to it yet but if you're interested I'll send you the links.