Saturday, July 07, 2007

After the release: Advice from a Parish Priest

~from The New Liturgical Movement:
What Papal Documents Do and Don't Do

First, It is important that we start to think of the M.P. as an opportunity to deepen the spiritual life of the Church at the ground level, rather than as a panacea delivered from Rome.

Papal documents create possibilities, they do not, in themselves, make things happen. Only those at the ground level can make things happen. And we all, priests and laity, need to take responsiblity for that.

The M.P. will not, and can not, of itself, make a Classical Latin Mass available in very parish. Only parish priests and parishioners can do that.


Scenario 1: The Unsympathetic Pastor

Scenario 2: The Sympathetic Pastor

Scenario 3: The Sympathetic Pastor who wants to take advantage of the Motu Proprio
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