Thursday, July 19, 2007

1909 Catholic Hymnal Online

~thanks to the Divine Lamp, aka Dim Bulb, for providing the link to this online copy of the Catholic Hymnal Containing Hymns for Congregational, School, and Home Use.

You can download it in pdf and save it to your hard drive. Reading the section titled "Do You Want Congregational Singing?" we read:
" None, or next to none of our people sing."
I answer, Then it is high time to begin, or they will die without once having the chance to experience the spiritual joy and elevation of spirit that comes by singing the praises of God.

" But they cannot read a note of music."
That may be true now, but very many can be easily taught to read well enough to be aided by the notes, and they will guide others who can read the words. There are fewer people than is generally supposed who cannot sing. Let everybody have a book, let them be heartily encouraged to try, and it will be found that very few will fail entirely. Not one will fail to bring out a few notes in some popular, telling chorus.

Listening to the sublime, soul-lifting volume of sound going up to heaven from the great congregation, the most timid will be moved by a holy envy to join their voices with the rest.
And they will do better every time.
The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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Dim Bulb said...

Here is another work containing both words and music:

St. Basil's hymnal : an extensive collection of English and Latin hymns for church, school and home, arranged for feasts and seasons of the ecclesiastical year ; Gregorian masses, vespers, motets for benediction, litanies, etc

Whatever else one might say about the Glory and Praise hymnal, at least its title was short and to the point (Assuming you have a lousy concept of "glory" and "praise")

Funny, The Saint Basil Hymnal actually comes from the Library of Wycliffe College, whose collection of online books, I have noticed, are very anti-Catholic. Nonetheless, this one has the imprimatur.

Here is the link:

I also typed "Catholic Hymns" into the search engine and came up with this list. Not all are in fact Catholic, some, for example are Anglican or its off-shoots. A few are obviously anti Catholic. Some are simply histories of various hymns. Some are just the text while others also include the music. Many are Latin.

You can view the list here: