Saturday, June 02, 2007

More Random Rome Musings

When looking up to gawk at something, try looking down, too, occasionally. Sometimes, there are some smelly surprises.

Vexation: People who cut in line in front of you after you waited for a long time to get to the front.

Further Vexation: When you express outrage, said cutter-in-line tries the sympathy ploy.

More vexation: Being in the Sistine Chapel and watching numerous camera flashes go off while the announcement is being made forbidding photographs.

How to recover your sense of civility: Have dinner with Father Z on a beautiful night at the Pantheon.

Sanctuary: A thin strip of median that keeps you from being run over by Roman traffic. Learning to say the "Hail, Mary" quickly while standing on said sanctuary.

Triumph: Learning the secret of how to stop traffic.

How to stop traffic: You just step off the curb and go. It helps, too, if you're wearing a miniskirt and have stiletto heels on.

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