Wednesday, June 27, 2007


What a lovely juxtaposition. The news about the Motu Proprio coming July 7th. AND! In my snailmailbox, I received the the NPM (aka know, GIA, et al, 'pastoral musicians' to which I belong as one of the perquisites of my Notebook (newsletter update between issues) wherein I read on page 7:
Performance/Liturgy [shudder...very close to the truth, ain't it?]

That You May Have Life: Musical Stories from the Gospel of John. Marty Haugen and Susan Briehl....Marty Haugen's fifth and newest "performance work" [oh, to be sure] is a multi-movement [complete with key and time signature changes every other bar] piece, nearly all sung [nearly? what, is there dance involved?], based on the Gospel of John. This musical is designed to be flexible [ah, what is the breaking point?] and user-friendly [not this user]. It can be presented as a fully staged theatre piece [let us entertain you] or in concert style as an oratorio [Handel is rolling over in his grave]. It may also be used as the center of midweek liturgies during Lent [yes you, too, can have Marty as the centerpiece of your most solemn week at church!]....

[further down we read] A curious omission from this set [the I AM statements] is the statement "I AM the Bread of life" and the Bread of Life discourse that follows it in that chapter. [Ding, ding, ding, Real Presence is a sticky point for Marty the Protestant].
Sometimes my job is highly entertaining without it meaning to be.

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