Monday, June 25, 2007

Church issues Mass dress code

~from ABS-CBN

The Archdiocese of Manila Sunday reminded the faithful that there is a proper dress code for attending Mass.

The archdiocese’s Ministry of Liturgical Affairs (MLA) said wearing the proper attire when attending Mass is an important part of showing respect to the sanctity of the house of God.

In guidelines posted at parishes and chapels, the MLA said the faithful should wear formal, semi-formal or smart casual attire when attending Mass.

Male Catholics are encouraged to wear long-sleeved polo shirts, collared shirts, or t-shirts paired with either slacks or jeans. Women are asked to wear dresses, long gowns, or collared blouses.

The guideline said corporate attire and school uniforms are also allowed inside churches. However, no guidelines were issued regarding footwear.

The faithful are strongly advised not to wear caps, basketball jerseys, tank tops or jersey shorts and shorts during Mass. Women are also asked not to wear spaghetti-strap tops or tank tops, short skirts, skimpy shorts or sleeveless shirts with plunging necklines when at Mass.


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