Sunday, June 03, 2007

Canonization Mass


We were at the Canonization Mass and we were thoroughly soaked by the rain. We kept hoping that the skies would clear up, which they did at the end. The Maltese pilgrims were quite enthusiastic as were the French. We English-speaking pilgrims were a little more reserved. Umbrellas and raincoats were the hot items for sale by vendors who were hawking their wares during the Mass itself.

The Rev. Bernard Healy was with us providing on-the-spot translation. The moving parts of the Mass for me were during the Litany of the Saints and the Procession of the Relics of the New Saints. It was also to hear the Missa de angelis setting for the Ordinary and to have the Mass in Latin.

We met Don Marco there also with Sister Barbara and blogging friend, Quantitative Metathesis. Somehow, the misery of the rain was lessened by having friends with us. And the joy of the creation of new saints, being there to witness the Church's affirmation, kept us warm and cheerful. The readings with words like "pour" and "heavens opening" took on a special meaning for us. I tried to take pictures, but alas, the sea of umbrellas just wasn't that interesting.

It's late here in Rome and it's good to be somewhere dry, some place to shed the bedraggled water rat look. God bless and Happy Trinity Sunday.


Seminarian Matthew said...

You were at the Mass of Canonization?! How wonderful! I wrote a post earlier today on the saints who were canonized. What great examples of sanctity!

Anonymous said...

Argent, How long are you in Italy??? You have been abundantly blessed whatwith all your Catholic experiences, guided tours, ability to participate in the music of the liturgy. Your pictures are gorgeous. Thank you.