Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Upcoming NPM convention

~one of the perquisites of my job is that I am an associate in NPM (National Pastoral Musicians) default only (ask me if I'm impressed, NOT!) Here's what came in my e-mailbox today (via the Archdiocese of Indianapolis).
In the next two years, the way that many people experience liturgy in the archdiocese and across the United States will undergo significant changes.

A new text for the Mass will be implemented, and a new Directory for Music and the Liturgy will guide bishops in their review of texts for songs used in the liturgy.

Included in the directory will be a list of standard hymns and songs that will be required to be in all future hymnals and missalettes.
Yes, I have visions of Marty Haugen slaving away writing new ditties for the new Mass translations.


Brian Michael Page said...

Hey Arg,
did you see this little blurb towards the bottom of the page you linked?

The NPM’s Pastoral Musician of the Year will be awarded to well-known liturgical composer Marty Haugen, also of Minnesota.

Why the %^(& am I NOT surprised?!


Argent said...


Zadok the Roman said...

In the next two years, the way that many people experience liturgy...

What a horrendous way to put it. Note the focus on the subjective - the emphasis isn't on the liturgy, but 'people's experience'. Bleagh!

Anonymous said...

*throws darts at NPM site, then hides behind Liber Usualis*

MamasBoy said...

I had heard that the new translations will be a big improvement.