Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Search On For Ancient King With Five Rings Of Power

~paging Gollum....from Payvand

Iranian archaeologists are searching for a king who possessed five rings of power. The rings were discovered by chance by the Khuzestan Water and Waste Water Company during a grading operation in the city of Ramhormoz, Khuzestan Province last week.

The rings have been discovered in two U-shaped coffins, which, unfortunately, have been seriously damaged by bulldozers.

They are similar to a ring that belonged to the Elamite king Kidin-Khutran (1235-1210 BC), whose coffin was discovered in 1982 in the ruins of the Elamite city of Arjan, which is located 10 kilometers north of the city of Behbahan in Khuzestan Province.

One of the gold rings has a cuneiform inscription, which is believed to be written in neo-Elamite. Gold rings of this type were a symbol of power and Elamite kings were buried wearing them.

Altogether, about 500 invaluable artifacts have been discovered near the coffins.


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