Saturday, May 26, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane

Dear Blogging Friends,

This evening we will begin the first leg of the journey to Italy. But first, a stopover in London to pick up some Cadbury's for a friend (Warning, E, if you're reading this, the chocolates may not survive the first leg...if not, I'll pick up more on my way back) . I hear there are better reasons to go to London, though...;)...and then on to Milan. I'm bringing my trusty battered laptop with which I can 'blog if I can pick up a wireless network. We'll eventually end up in Rome where we will stay for a couple of weeks, seeing sites, meeting friends, oh, and lots of eating, walking, gawking. We'll attend the Canonization Mass at St. Peter's Square on June 3rd. We will close our Roman Holiday with the Corpus Christi Procession on June 7th. Then from there to the Amalfi Coast and then back to real life. It will be glorious.

I've post-dated this since Blogger doesn't yet have the capacity to pre-schedule posts. Anyway, here are posts to keep you interested. Thanks for all your interest in this site. Oh, and if perchance the Motu Proprio is released while I'm in Rome, I have my mp3 voice recorder and will most assuredly be at Piazza San Pietro to share in the jubilation. You never know, I might put up a sound file.

Happily, I will be, once again, truly Argent by the Tiber.

God bless.

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