Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Calculating your carbon footprint

~Just in case you were interested in knowing how much of a hog you are and what you can do, here's the New York Times about a new online calculator:
A new Internet tool to help individuals and communities curb their role in adding global-warming carbon emissions will be announced today at a conference in New York of mayors from around the world, said a person who built the Web technology.

Many environmental groups offer simple carbon calculators on the Web, which allow people to figure the carbon dioxide production from daily routines like driving a car or lighting a house.

“But this is serious software, serious quantitative methods and social networking technology brought to the green world,” said Ron Dembo, the chief executive of Zerofootprint, a nonprofit group that provides information and services to combat global warming.

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Steven said...

It is all well and good that individuals want to conserve to reduce carbon emissions but since most of this conserving is in the form of lower energy consumption the counter-intuitive result is more energy consumption. Bear with me for a moment. If I install compact flourescent bulbs throughout my home and lower my electric bill I have increased my disposable income. Because my propensity to consume (and almost everyone else's) each marginal dollar is near unity I will spend that dollar on something else. And that something else always takes energy to make and deliver to me. Even if I invest that marginal dollar that investment will go to fund some enterprise that will consume energy. This is the elusiveness of individual action. The energy intensity (the measure of the energy used per unit of GDP) of the US economy has fallen by almost 50% since 1973 while energy consumption has risen by only 30%. That has lowered our carbon footprint collectively much more than simple conservation could ever accomplish. see, http://intensityindicators.pnl.gov/