Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The transformation of an altar

~Thanks to The New Liturgical Movement for posting this.


onionboy said...

Gosh...did you follow the massive discussion that resulted from the video. My how those guys can get worked up and how easily things get nasty. I am drawn to the Traditional but I have to say that a good deal of what I read coming from the Trads it often heavy handed and lacks grace and mercy. Maybe I'm just a Vat II era wimp...

Argent said...

Oy,no. I posted this early this morning when there were just a handful of comments. I enjoyed watching it for the process of creativity. But then I was a stage set builder in another life.

My brain shut down reading some of the later's the shouldas or should'nas that made my brain freeze.

So maybe it's a grace that we've just been recently grafted onto this massive oak tree. For me, the daily Eucharist is, enough...Lord, I am not worthy after all.