Thursday, April 19, 2007

Traditional Anglican Communion and Unity with the Holy See

Here's a 15 minute video of the Traditional Anglican Communion's continuing quest of unity with the Holy See. It was produced by David Naglieri of Salt and Light Catholic Television, Canada's Catholic Network ( ). The Program was aired across Canada on its FOCUS program 20th February 2007.


Edmund C. said...

Nice video, but I think the TAC is going to run into one huge problem: one of the bishops interviewed stated that one of the things they hope to retain within Catholicism is the tradition of a married episcopate.

I'd be very surprised if Rome goes for that, since there is not a hint of that since the very earliest days of the Church, and if I recall correctly, the earlier married priests/bishops were continent (which I doubt anyone would be happy with today).

Argent said...

I recognize the pride...I won't become Catholic until such-and-such condition is met. I understand completely the desire to retain the beauty of Anglican liturgy (a big part of the reason why I remained Episcopalian knowing full well that the communion was heading for hell in a handbasket_, and we' ve talked ad nauseum of cringe-worthy Catholic liturgy. But it seems to me that if you desire unity with the Bishop of Rome because you are convinced that the fullness of the Faith is within the walls of the Catholic Church, then by golly, you ought to go there.