Monday, April 30, 2007

So now tradition is invoked

~from The New York Times (hat tip to Chris Johnson who observes in his First Law of Ecclesiastical Thermodynamics: if your "church" ordains or gives pointy hats to women or practicing homosexuals, then you don't EVER get to invoke "the ancient practice of most of the church.)
The Anglican archbishop of Nigeria, a fierce critic of the Episcopal Church for its acceptance of homosexuality, is arriving next week to install a bishop to lead congregations around the country that want to break from it.

Episcopal leaders say the visit threatens to strain further the already fragile relations between their church and the rest of the worldwide Anglican Communion. But Episcopal traditionalists say there is a growing desire among them to break away....

...Katharine Jefferts Schori, the presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, said in a statement that Archbishop Akinola’s acceptance of “an invitation to episcopal ministry here without any notice or prior invitation” was not in keeping with “the ancient practice in most of the church” that bishops minister only within their own jurisdictions.

“This action would only serve to heighten current tensions,” the statement said, “and would be regrettable if it does indeed occur.”

Do go and read Chris' post and don't miss the comments
. I know I shouldn't continue this morbid fascination with things Anglican now that I'm safely on this side of the Tiber. But I have friends who continue to remain, and continually move the line in the sand.

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