Monday, April 30, 2007

Sing-along with Sting

~from USA Today

The lyrics of Sting, almost every word he wrote, from his solo records to his years with the Police, will come out in book form this fall.

Lyrics by Sting will include the words of such hits as Roxanne,Every Breath You Take and Spirits in the Material World, along with commentary by Sting.

"Over time, the meaning of a song can continue to reveal itself," Sting, the bassist and lead vocalist for the Police, said Monday in a statement released by The Dial Press, an imprint of the Bantam Dell Publishing Group.

"In putting this book together, I have relished the opportunity to revisit my songs, the times in which they were written and pay tribute to those with whom I've shared my creative life."

Every year, at least one couple getting married requests "Every Breath You Take" for their nuptial Mass and I have to use all the self-control I can muster not to burst out laughing or roll my eyes and say something uncharitable.

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