Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Shape of Things to Come

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A Church in a Dutch Diocese was going to be suppressed but then traditionalists set themselves to work.

The Fraternity of St Peters has been caring for the Church of St Agnes in Amsterdam since December 2006. The Fraternity came at the express with of the Parish Council. The priest of St Agnes, Fr F Braam is going into retirement in 2008. The Diocese could not find a successor. The Church was going to be closed.

It was for this reason that the Parish Council invited the Fraternity of St Peters for a six month trial period.

And it bore fruit- the Fraternity reports this in theApril edition of their monthly news. In as little as three months, the participation of the Faithful in the Masses has increased enormously. The number of confessions has grown “considerably”. The Fraternity had to find servers and children and youth are in the Church once again.

Father Braam wishes them much success.

Introducing the traditional liturgy has effected many changes “Many unknown Faithful from many areas arrive for the Sunday Mass”. The Church has been given a new life.

The members of the Parish Church are very satisfied with the arrival of the Fraternity.

A parishioners, Udit Kolster remembers how low the number of Faithful was at the Sunday Mass and how the life of the Church was almost extinguished. Then suddenly, a young father came and in a short space of time, the Church received a new lease of life.

The Church of St Agnes has become a place of a renewed and invigorated Faith for many.

“The profundity of the Tridentine Mass has attracted many newcomers and has led to many interesting conversations on the deepening of Faith”.
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