Monday, April 30, 2007

¿Que es esto?

For some strange reason, DimBulb of The Divine Lamp has decided to enter this 'blog in the Blogger's Choice Awards. Last week, he was proud to not have been nominated, which quickly changed, of course. I think he decided that he wanted to spread the dubious honor of "losers" so here we are at the bottom of the heap. What are the Blogger's Choice Awards anyway? I went to the religion category and noticed a really good showing of Catholic 'blogs. Go, team! Wait, why are we cheering again? Oh, yeah, the New Evangelization.

Now, winning the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest would be something!

1 comment:

Dim Bulb said...

I was subtly campaigning for "Worst Blog of All Time." It was an attempt at self-validation regarding the only thing I'm really good at-underachieving.

I'm so good at underachieving that I'm still not nominated in the category.