Sunday, April 01, 2007

Prayer of St. John Damascene

I stand before the doors of Your temple, and I do not forsake my grievous thoughts. But, O Christ my God, as You justified the tax-collector, and had mercy on the woman of Canaan, and opened the gates of Paradise to the thief, open to me the inner depths of Your love for mankind, and receive me as I come and repent before You. Receive me as You received the harlot and the woman with the issue of blood. For the first embraced Your pure feet and received the forgiveness of her sins, while the second just touched the hem of Your garment and received healing. And I, in my pitiableness, dare to receive Your whole Body, may I not be burned; but receive me as You have received them, and enlighten my spiritual senses, burning up my sinful faults, through the prayers of her who gave birth to You without seed, and of the angelic powers, for You are blessed forever. Amen.

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