Thursday, April 12, 2007

Here There Are Lions

~As if I don't have enough to do these days, I decide to start a new 'blog about teaching RCIA. Its focus is not so much about teaching, or how to evangelize as it is about my personal reflections on how God is daily changing me through this role. That I was even considered for this enormous task was an unexpected surprise. But more intriguing is that I dared to say, "Yes." Reason formed the word, "No" on my lips, but my heart gave voice to the "Yes." What was I thinking, the new Catholic being thrust into such a visible role in my parish? So, here I am in the Land of the Unlikely where lions abound.

If you care to visit, Here There Are Lions: Confessions of an Unexpected Catholic Catechist.

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DimBulb said...

Thank you, Argent. God Bless you.