Thursday, April 19, 2007

Habemus papam--Year 2

Here are my favorite images from the second year of the Holy Father's pontificate. These are in no particular order. Apologies to my readers with dialup. This day is also the second anniversary of my swimming the Tiber.

Benedictus XVI

Benedict the Serene

Come priest and holy cardinal; And borne above the heads of all; The gentle Shepherd of the Fold.

At the Piazza

Windy Days

On Holiday


Liturgical Life

And for all my friends who're waiting for a sign. Isn't it time?

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Anonymous said...

Dear Argent by the Tiber,

Thank you for the beautiful photos of Papa Benedict. I will save and cherish many of them. Your conversion story is beautiful. I will pray for all my brothers and sisters seeking the Truth.

I traveled to Poland in 2006 with the express purpose of seeing Benedict there. I attended Mass in Warsaw with Papa presiding--a young Polish guard got impatient with my inability to speak Polish and whisked me through a special gate and I got up quite close and must say, the holiness of the crowd was palpable At Auschwitz I prayed where he had prayed two days earlier and knelt at Maximillian Kolbe's prison cell where Papa had prayed. Papa's birthday is on my wedding anniversary, and Papa's fist encyclical was made public on my birthday! So I feel very connected to Papa. I know he has touched you as well and brought you closer to our King, Jesus. God Bless you, dear ABTT.