Friday, April 27, 2007

Getting ready for Bella Roma

~The countdown seems to accelerate the closer we get to departure date...a thousand details to attend to, fighting against the all-too-human tendency to our own self-importance -- "I can't leave right now. There'll be a mess when I get back." What? Am I crazy? We're talking Italy here. The mess can take care of itself. It's nice to have our muses to remind us of what's really important....Here There Are Lions: Rilke on contemplating Rome.


Don Marco, O.Cist. said...

Will I have the honour of meeting you in person here in Rome? I certainly hope so. Do let me know.

Argent said...

Dear Father,

I hope that we can. We'll be in Rome between May 27th to June 9th. If you could email me at, we can talk about details. Thanks very much.