Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Gaelic Blessing

Almost a year ago, Brian at Christus Vincit posted "Music for My Funeral". We shared what we wanted for our hopefully-far-from-now funerals. We agreed no "On Eagle's Wings" or "Be not afraid". I told my family that I would haunt them if they dared to even think about allowing these two at mine. At my former Anglican parish, we would sing the following two at most funerals. They're both by John Rutter (some of his stuff is schmaltzy, but I'll take it over Marty Haugen any day)--Gaelic Blessing and The Lord Bless You and Keep You. The St. Paul's Cathedral Choir sings. Enjoy!

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The Sistine Chapel Choir could learn a great deal from them, frankly. Sigh, giving up Anglican choral tradition still resonates a sense of loss in me. Just think of weekly offerings of Tallis, Farrant, Byrd and then going to....well, what we have in ordinary Catholic was no wonder that I resisted conversion for a decade. Ah, well, but we work where are there in the the return of chant for Advent and Lent. In a couple of weeks, we inaugurate Missa Angelis for the noon Mass. The choir's been working hard in overcoming a natural aversion to Latin and chant. Which reminds me...I've got to get to the church and practice on the organ before all the visitations by Provincial, Consultors, and our Bishop starting this afternoon and stretching into next week.


Brian Michael Page said...

The Gaelic Blessing is ok (still a big improvement from the Haugen/Haas/Beagle's Things/etc. motif), but "The Lord Bless You and Keep You" is downright gorgeous.

Argent said...

That middle section in "The Lord Bless You" with all the accidentals was a bear to learn. I had to get a fresh copy after marking the first one up with red pencil, LOL! Who writes in G-flat anyway?