Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Security for Pope's Trip to Turkey

~from Zaman Daily, Pope to Get Bush-Like Protection

Strict security measures will be taken during Pope Benedict XVI’s official visit to Turkey scheduled for November 28 to December 1, 2006.

The Security General Directorate, in cooperation with the National Intelligence Agency (MIT) and the Gendarmerie, is working on security plans in an effort to prevent any provocations or even assassination attempts against the Pope, who, after his offensive remarks on Islam and prophet Muhammad, will be visiting Turkey.

During the papal visit, the Directorate will adhere to their Type A protection plan, which was previously invoked during US president George W. bush’s visit to Turkey.

During his stay, Benedict XVI will visit Ankara and Istanbul and meet officials. The Pope, will also visit Hagia Sophia and other historical sites in Istanbul.

The Type A security plan will be enforced during the entire visit. Turkish F-16 aircraft will accompany the pope’s flight upon its entrance into Turkish airspace.

During the pope’s four-day visit, the Security General Directorate will not permit any leave of absences in Ankara and Istanbul.

In other provinces, the police will also take security measures against probable street actions and protests.

7,000 policemen will be on duty in Ankara, and 9,000 in Istanbul to protect the Pope.

Soon after the Pope lands, traffic will be halted. He will be taken to an armored vehicle. As an additional measure, two identical official cars will be part of the Pope’s convoy.

Police officers from special units and sharpshooters will be stationed beforehand along the Pope’s route.

Meanwhile, where the Pope will be staying during his visit to Turkey is still unclear. It is reported that he will stay either at the Holy See Embassy Residence, or at the Hilton Hotel, where George Bush had stayed before.

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DimBulb said...

"After his offensive remarks on Islam."

Did the person who wrote this read the same speech I did? I guess none of this security was motivated by the nun killing, church burning, "death and dismemberment to the Pope" but otherwise calm rioting by the adherents of the religion of peace.