Friday, October 27, 2006

Nuns urge Catholic voters to challenge church

In other words, nuns who are CINOs (Catholic in Name Only)

~from Denver Post

An organization of Catholic nuns whose leadership includes four Colorado women is urging Catholic voters to challenge church teachings against abortion and gay marriage while weighing a broad range of social issues on Election Day.

In an "open letter to Catholic voters," the National Coalition of American Nuns provides an alternative to the church hierarchy's voter education efforts in Colorado and nationwide, said Sister Mary Ann Cunningham of Denver, a board member.

Opposing war and treating immigrants with compassion are included in a list of seven issues outlined by the group. Mary Ann Coyle and Anna Koop of Denver and Sallie Ann Watkins of Pueblo are the other Colorado nuns on the board.

The letter also states, "We encourage respect for the moral adulthood of women and will choose legislators who will recognize the right of women to make reproductive decisions and receive medical treatment according to the rights of privacy and conscience."

Cunningham said many Catholics disagree with the church's opposition to legalized abortion for "compassionate, faithful reasons."

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput has urged Catholics to "act Catholic" when they vote or run for office and called opposition to abortion "foundational."

"We're supposed to vote as our conscience tells us, not as the archbishop's conscience tells him," said Cunningham, a member of the Sisters of Loretto. "I have great respect for the archbishop, but I think that's kind of treating us like children."

Jeanette DeMelo, spokeswoman for the Denver Archdiocese, said Chaput has highlighted a broad range of issues, all grounded in Catholic teaching.

"Archbishop Charles Chaput is not teaching his personal opinion," she said. "This is the church's teaching, and it is the responsibility of a Catholic to vote their conscience, but their rightly formed conscience, their educated conscience."

The nuns' letter also says citizens "in committed relationships - whether marriages or civil unions" - should have adoption, inheritance and other rights.

Colorado's Catholic bishops oppose a measure on the November ballot that would grant domestic-partnership benefits to same-sex couples, and they support a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between one man and one woman.

"I do value the voice of the church hierarchy," Cunningham said. "But I don't find anything in the Gospels about abortion or gay marriage."

Who are these women? Take a look:

Yeah, no habit.


Rob said...

They're right! And there's nothing in there about lynching nuns, either!


Anonymous said...

Miserere nobis, Domine.

Moneybags said...

They are a disgrace to the Church.

IR said...

Abp.haput shuld excommunicate them.