Friday, April 07, 2006

Benedict and the Mass of St. Pius V

~Per Le Salon Beige
Benoît XVI et la messe saint Pie V

D'après Radio Vatican en italien, le Saint Père convoquerait très rapidement une nouvelle fois le dicastère. Il serait sur le point de promulguer un motu proprio ("acte législatif pris et promulgué par le Souverain Pontife") pour "libéraliser la messe selon le rite de saint Pie V".
According to Radio Vatican the Holy Father will promulgate a "motu proprio" liberalizing the Mass of St. Pius V. Time to tune in to Radio Vaticana. Hang on to your seats, it's going to be an interesting day with whispers in the loggia or shouts in the piazza. ;)

Hat tip to Rorate Coeli Interesting discussion there.

Update 10:30 AM EDT
I've been listening to Radio Vaticana for the past two hours and have heard nothing about this, including the French update.

Update 12:15 PM EDT
Nope, no news. It's too much to expect an official announcement on the same day as the meeting.

Update 9:30 PM EDT
~Via Zenit (in Italian) and The New Liturgical Movement (English translation) that the Holy Father met with the heads of the dicasteries of the Curia.

~Via Archivum Liturgicum the aforementioned Radio Vatican announcement. The site is experiencing technical problems at the moment. But earlier, it was reporting the announcement.


Anonymous said...

I don't even speak italian and Im tuned in!

Argent said...

LOL! I'm sure Radio Vaticana is getting lots of hits today.

For my part, I'm skeptical. But there is a part of me like a kid on Christmas morn....can we open presents yet?

Anonymous said...

Mother Mary, please let us open the present we've been longing for! I'm sorry for all my sins against patience.

SlaveofMary said...

So at what point should we just assume it was nothing more than a rumor?

Argent said...

Well, we try and verify and so far, I've come up empty-handed. Since I know absolutely no insiders who are anywhere remotely near enough to hear whispers, then we wait...with a strong measure of skepticism. But always with a sense of hope.

marc said...

At the Archivum blog, it is noted as fact that RV reported, in Italian, on the 7th that the Pope has signed a document (probably to be made public on Holy Thursday) about 'the Rite of Mass'.

Argent said...

Thanks very much, Marc. I'll check it out.

RC said...

The evening VR program in French mentioned the issue twice: the French bishops, meeting at Lourdes, discussed relations with the SSPX; they hoped for communion soon, but opposed a separate administrative structure. A working group of the conference is preparing a text for their next meeting in November (!).

At the end of the program, the announcer mentioned this morning's interdicasterial meeting and indicated this is an ongoing story; but there was no statement in that program about a document.

marc said...

Let us hope that it is an ongoing story because someone knows more than he or she is sharing.